Founder/CEO Message

Biomedia Factory is a leading company in the production and distribution of vitamins and feed additives for various animal industries. With a focus on poultry, livestock, aquaculture, and pets, our products are designed to enhance the health and performance of these animals.
As the founder and CEO of Biomedia Factory, I am committed to providing high-quality and innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Our extensive research and development efforts have allowed us to develop a wide range of products that promote growth, improve immune function, and optimize nutrition in animals.
Investment in our company has allowed us to expand our production facilities and hire a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction. We have also invested in cutting-edge technology and equipment to streamline our manufacturing processes and ensure consistent and reliable product delivery. This investment has positioned us as a leader in the industry and has allowed us to establish strong partnerships with major distributors and retailers worldwide. As a result, our products have gained a reputation for their effectiveness and reliability, and we continue to see growing demand from both domestic and international markets. We are confident that our continued

Mr.Mostafa Samir

Our Vision

Biomedia for vitamin and feed additive has passed successfully implemented management system which has conforming to requirements of cGMP since 2015 and also has been assessed and found to conform to the requirement of good manufacturing practice GMP for the scope of manufacturing of all Kinds of feed, vitamins and feed additives and concentrates since 2023. Our vision to be a value adding partner to the global animal production, today and tomorrow… we intend to bring added value to our customers and partners, by offering a second to none quality, by an excellent service, developing innovative solutions fit to meet the increasingly complexity of Middle East and Africa markets.


Our Mision


Biomedia for vitamin and feed additive was established since 2012 year, belong to manufacturing and trading combo with import and export license by Egyptian government. We focus on research and development, sales and technical services of added value feed additives, presenting a perfect mix of nutritional additives, such as probiotics, prebiotics, amino acids and vitamins, with functional and innovative solutions, such as emulsifier, minerals etc…

Our mission is to continue with creativity and provide our partners with solutions. We want to excel by an unrivalled support to our partners, by investing in our team work, in our partners, our products, and in our market presence.





In BIOMEDIA CO.®, raw material specifications are critical to the accurate and reliable formulation of nutritional supplements that can effectively cover the needs of livestock and poultry.
We have specialized teams for the application of formulations according to the needs of each animal species and optimal use of raw materials to achieve desired technical and economic goals.
Focused on intensive research of new alternative therapies, BIOMEDIA CO.® has been struggling for creating eco-friendly and safe veterinary products for improving animal health.
BIOMEDIA CO.® focuses on intensive research on new and alternative cotherapies and is committed to developing eco-friendly and safe veterinary products to improve animal health. Based on quality control strategies and measures
BIOMEDIA CO.® continuously promotes the quality of nutritional supplements, improves product safety and efficacy, and strives to bring more nutritional supplements into the international market. I have tried. At the end of the manufacturing process, products are tested for stability and quality.